Piano Interrupted have released three albums, Landscapes of the Unfinished, Two by Four and The Unified Field on experimental German label, Denovali Records.
Piano Interrupted regularly play around Europe in a trio with double bassist, Tim Fairhall.
For bookings, please contact booking [at] denovali.com
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"There are hints of the currently burgeoning neo-classical scene, echoes of Portico Quartet and Cinematic Orchestra emphasise their jazzy leanings, while Franz Kirmann's glitchy tinkering ensure a suitably peaceful outcome."
Wyndham Wallace, Music Week

"A sublime union between electronica and the outer reaches of classical solo piano."
Jean-Robert Saintil, Chorus and Echo
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"In many ways 'Two By Four' is the sound of Denovali captured into one concise album: classical instrumentation, vague jazz directions, and liberal use of 21st century electronics to skewer and prod the proceedings. And we are all the better for it"
Ryan Potts, Experimedia

"The results are pretty brilliant in places.. At times the changes in pace are so sharp you wonder whether something's up with the recording. It's fab... very much "Lost Chord" era Moody Blues hanging out with Nils Frahm."
Richard Foster, Incendiary Mag