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15 Questions Interview
..his flair and feracity for composition burst through with enough intensity to fuel a blazing career..

Ideas Tap
Tom talks technology, new ideas and being ready to grab any opportunity.

Re: Paganini Rocks & Aerodynamic:
[Paganini Rocks] fuses acoustic instruments with electronic effects and sweeping strings with dreamy celesta cycles, creating an airy and sensual score for an imaginary ballet... The craftsmanship on display here already hints at the fact that, for Hodge, Paganini Rocks wasn't the first step into the neo-classical limelight. His remix of Daft Punk's Aerodynamic, for example, retained the French original's sexy euphoria, while infusing it with a touch of grandness and anthemic splendour - marking its creator as one of the few voices on the scene capable of not just mimicking the serene beauty of classical music, but of matching its compositional intricacy to boot.
Tobias Fischer, Tokafi

Re: Media composition
Compared with others of his generation he is both more cynical and more realistic about his profession. He once devised a stand-up comedy routine for the Edinburgh Festival called 'Confessions of a Jingle Writer'. Meanwhile he acknowledges that the artistic freedom he seeks is double-edged: inspiring but also scary.
Rick Jones, Classical Music & Muso magazines

Re: We Anchor in Hope remix for Codes in the Clouds
In other highlights, Tom Hodge draws out all the neo-classical beauty from 'We Anchor In Hope'